Roofing Process

We know that you may only purchase a new roof once in a lifetime. We're here to help you through the process.


Carson Restoration Inc. will complete a property inspection to document the damage to your home.



Carson Restoration Inc. will assist you the homeowner in filing your insurance claim.



Your or Carson Restoration Inc. will be contacted by the insurance adjuster to schedule the inspection. If they call you, schedule an inspection time, but immediately inform your Field Representative of the appointment.



The adjuster meeting is the most important part of the entire program. The adjuster meeting will determine the damage to the property and will also begin the financial settlement process on your claim. Please make sure that your Field Representative at Carson Restoration Inc. is aware of this appointment.



This appointment is to determine the products and colors you would like to apply to your home's new exterior. Your Field Representative will have several sample products for you to review. Your scheduling deposit check (equal to the ACV portion of the insurance check) will be collected during this appointment. You can pay your deductible at the end of the job. If you contracted Carson Restoration Inc. for additional improvements outside of the insurance claim, payments of these services will be due at this time. Once Carson Restoration Inc. has the new colors you picked out, your project will be placed into our production schedule for completion.



Once you have received your first insurance check contact your Field Representative. The items that will be delivered depend on the overall work that is going to be done. In addition to your material, our qualified restoration team will arrive and begin work within a few days after the materials have been delivered.



After your project is completed, one of our qualified inspectors will visit the property to insure the job was done to the high standards of Carson Restoration Inc. If any minor repairs need to be completed they will be done at this time to insure your overall job satisfaction.